Tutorial: OVH Cloud - Get credentials

Step 1: Create an API Application

  1. Go on https://eu.api.ovh.com/createApp/
  2. Enter ID and password
  3. Add a name name (e.g.: scrapoxy-12)
  4. Add a description (e.g.: scrapoxy)
  5. Click on Create keys

Step 2: Save application credentials

Remember Application Key and Application Secret:


Step 3: Get the consumerKey

Use Scrapoxy to get your key:

scrapoxy ovh-consumerkey <endpoint> <Application Key> <Application Secret>

Endpoints are:

  • ovh-eu for OVH Europe;
  • ovh-ca for OVH North-America.

Remember consumerKey and click on validation URL to validate key.

Step 4: Add permission

When you open validation URL:

  1. Enter ID and password
  2. Choose Unlimited validity
  3. Click on Authorize Access