Tutorial: AWS / EC2 - Copy an AMI from a region to another

AMI (and security groups) are restricted to a region.

A AMI in eu-west-1 is not available in eu-central-1.


You must create an AMI by region.

Step 1: Connect to your AWS console

Go to AWS console.

Step 2: Connect to Ireland region


Step 3: Go to EC2 dashboard


Step 4: Find the public AMI

  1. Click on AMIs
  2. Search ami-c74d0db4

Step 5: Open copy AMI wizard

  1. Right click on instance
  2. Click on Copy AMI

Step 6: Start AMI copy

  1. Choose the new destination region
  2. Click on Copy AMI

Step 7: Connect to the new region


Step 8: Find the new AMI ID

The new AMI ID is in the column AMI ID.