Get started

Step 1: Get your AWS credentials

See Get credentials.

Remember your Access Key and Secret Access Key.

Step 2: Connect to your region


Step 3: Create a security group

See Create a security group.

Step 4: Choose an AMI

Public AMI are available for theses regions:

  • eu-west-1 / t1.micro: ami-c74d0db4
  • eu-west-1 / t2.micro: ami-485fbba5
  • eu-west-1 / t2.nano: ami-06220275

If you cannot find your region, you can Copy an AMI from a region to another.

Step 5: Update configuration

Open conf.json:

  "providers": [
    "type": "awsec2",

    "region": "eu-west-1",
    "instance": {
      "InstanceType": "t1.micro",
      "ImageId": "ami-c74d0db4",
      "SecurityGroups": [ "forward-proxy" ],

And update region and ImageId with your parameters.

Configure Scrapoxy

Options: awsec2

For credentials, there is 2 choices:

  1. Add credentials in the configuration file;
  2. Or Use your own credentials (from profile, see the AWS documentation).
Option Default value Description
type none Must be awsec2
accessKeyId none Credentials for AWS (optional)
secretAccessKey none Credentials for AWS (optional)
region none AWS region (example: eu-west-1)
tag Proxy Name of the AWS / EC2 instance
instance none see awsec2 / instance
max none Maximum number of instances for this provider. If empty, there is no maximum.

Options: awsec2 / instance

Options are specific to AWS / EC2.

Scrapoxy use the method runInstances to create new instances.

Standard options are InstanceType, ImageId, KeyName, and SecurityGroups.